Paleo Coconut Pancakes

So it's a very, very grey Saturday in London this morning. One of those days when you're really craving a waffle drenched in syrup, or a buttery french toast piled high with honey and toasted almond flakes. Well it's summer and cheat meals are rare in this household.

So, I'm sharing a paleo breakfast favourite of mine that'll brighten up your day with some protein (egg), good fats (coconut oil, coconut yoghurt), fibre (flax seeds) and a dose of potassium for your muscles. I don't like adding any sugar or Stevia to my recipes (no honey or maple syrup) but please feel free to satisfy your sweet tooth. I usually sub it out with fruits (in this case a mashed banana, it's all I had in the fridge) or the toppings can also be exchanged for strawberry wedges or a sprinkling of blueberries, kiwis - anything!

These are super filling, thanks to the egg and coconut flour, and will keep you full for about 4 hours on a lazy weekend morning. This goes wonderfully with a warm cup of matcha.

 From the top!

From the top!

 Gooooood morninggg!

Gooooood morninggg!

makes 1 pancake 

1           large organic egg
½         vanilla pod seeds (or vanilla extract)
1tbsp   coconut flour
1tsp     milled flax seeds (optional)
1tbsp   coconut oil

Toppings (optional)
You can use any fruit you like (berries, peaches, kiwis, etc.) or pile it with honey / maple syrup
½         banana
1tsp     cinnamon powder
1tsp     cocoa nibs
2tbsp  coconut yoghurt (I use Coyo Vanilla)


  1. Put a non-Tefal frying pan (read about non-teflon) or cast iron skillet on medium heat and chuck in the coconut oil
  2. In a bowl, whisk together the egg, vanilla seeds / extract, coconut flour and flax seeds until smooth and incorporated
  3. Pour the batter onto your frying pan into a circular shape (or a pancake mould if you're pedantic)
  4. Whilst you're leaving the pancake to cook on one side (roughly 2 mins per side) work on your toppings. Mash the banana with a fork, and mix it in with some coconut yoghurt. If you like the yoghurt a bit more runny, add a dash of almond milk to loosen it up. Mix it up.
  5. Flip your pancake - make sure it's not burning!
  6. Once it's a lovely shade of golden brown, put on a plate, pile your banana coconut yoghurt topping along with a sprinkle of cinnamon and cocoa nibs

For an indulgent day, make two or three pancakes per person, then stack them up with a layer of coconut yoghurt topping in between - it'll look like a shortcake!